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[Crossing 2023, winning 2024] Hepu Power’s 2024 Pledge and Expedition Launch Conference was successfully held!

Author:Hepu Power Co. , Ltd. Click: Time:2023-12-27 10:49:25

       The 2024 annual work conference of Hepu Power Co., Ltd. was grandly held from December 21st to December 23rd, 2023!

This conference aims to summarize the work of 2023, review the sales performance, technical achievements, and management results of 2023, share successful experience, look forward to future development opportunities, discuss and plan together, arrange the troops, blow the horn of victory, and write a new chapter for 2024.

    At the conference, Mr. Li Xianping, the chairman of the company, delivered an encouraging speech, expressing his heartfelt thanks to sales staff, technical representatives and management representatives for their hard work and outstanding performance in the past year, and clarifying the company’s development goals and strategies. Chairman Li Xianping emphasized that the various departments of the company are mutually supportive and collaborative teams, and he hoped that in the new year, everyone will continue to maintain the spirit of unity, cooperation, and active progress, and jointly create a new situation for the company’s development.

The annual conference adopts the form of sales team sub-venues summary, team-building for each team, technical training, and departmental reporting. The conference covers product training, sales case sharing, technical case learning, and management improvement, etc. The company’s leadership and department heads conducted in-depth discussions on the company’s development strategy, market expansion, technological innovation, and so on, allowing attendees to have a clearer understanding of the company’s future development direction and key emphasis in work. In the sales case sharing section, sales elites shared successful sales cases and practical experience to provide references and inspiration for other sales colleagues. The retraining of technical products also adds strength to sales staff’s market development.

    Finally, the major corps signed military orders and solemnly promised to overcome difficulties, make full efforts, never make excuses, and guarantee the achievement of the 2024 annual target task. With their loud bugle and soaring morale, they will certainly prove their strength with their actions and defend their dignity with their performance!

This annual work conference not only clarified the company's future development direction and goals, but also strengthened communication and cooperation among employees, providing strong impetus for the company’s development in the new year.

    The starry night was dazzling, the atmosphere of the banquet was soaring, and the singing, cheering, and applause continued. Let us join hands to create a more brilliant future for Hepu Power under the sound of laughter and joy!



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