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Double 80 Series CONTROLLER


  • Input voltage(vdc) 72-180
  • Rated power(kw) 7.5-13
  • Peak power(kw) 15-25
  • Rated output current(Arms) 100-120
  • Peak output current(Arms) 250-350
  • Output frequency(Hz) 0-800
  • Maximum efficiency(%) ≥98
  • Protection class IP67
  • Cooling method Air cooling
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【Hepu Power-controller advantage】

① Adopt TI mainstream DSP as the core of digital drive control, master the core technology of high-performance closed-loop vector control algorithm at domestic and abroad;

②The domestic big brand MOSFET tube is selected as the main power device;

③Dynamic low-speed feedback technology to improve the driving range of the vehicle and meet the needs of users;

④ The auxiliary start function on the slope prevents the vehicle from slipping backward, and the active damping and anti-shake function improves the  vehicle comfortability;

⑤Motor calibration function, integrated synchronous/asynchronous motor torque calibration strategy;

⑥ Integrated harmonic injection function, online random frequency conversion function, effectively reduce the motor torque ripple and noise;

⑦Five/seven-segment SVPWM wave function, to reduce switching times and switching loss, and effectively reduce the temperature of MOS tube;

⑧Simple VCU function, integrated functions such as accelerator, gear, brake, etc., can be customized and developed according to needs

⑨Perfect fault detection and protection functions, fault level classification control strategy, limit power/torque output according to the fault level,maximize its performance; the buzzer prompts various faults, which is convenient for maintenance;

⑩CAN bus technology, CAN-based BootLoader burning function, convenient for users to update the application program; Compatible with asynchronous and synchronous motor drives.

Passenger cars controller developed for the A00 market

Double 80 Series CONTROLLER
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